The BFC is seeking dedicated individuals interested in becoming a Volunteer Firefighter/Driver, Fire Police Officer, or assist the organization in a non-operational capacity. Do you have what it takes?

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At the urging of Ernest Dupille, twenty-six men met on December 18, 1922 with the purpose of forming a volunteer fire company to serve the residents of Marple Township. Read More About Our History

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James Capuzzi

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Yesterday, I stopped by @BroomallFireCo to continue my recognition of International Firefighters Day & National EMS Week. I donated 25 KN95 masks & a whole bunch of snacks and drinks as requested by the company, because the members are constantly moving & need stuff to grab & go.

🚒 The members of @BroomallFireCo face enough risks just from serving the community, and they are the last group that should have to worry about obtaining additional protection from COVID-19. (1/4)

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