BFC Spring Carnival June 2021

Come out for a good old fashioned Carnival to kick off Summer!  Click here to learn more.


The BFC is seeking dedicated individuals interested in becoming a Volunteer Firefighter/Driver, Fire Police Officer, or assist the organization in a non-operational capacity. Do you have what it takes?

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About BFC

At the urging of Ernest Dupille, twenty-six men met on December 18, 1922 with the purpose of forming a volunteer fire company to serve the residents of Marple Township. Read More About Our History

BFC Leadership
Thomas Dobbins
Fire Chief
James Capuzzi

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We would like to thank @Wawa for always supporting the @BroomallFireCo. Recently we had applied for a Wawa grant to equip our watch room with new computers to monitor calls, traffic, weather and news. They also provided us with many drinks for the firefighters ! Thanks #Wawa!


The 2021 Broomall Rotary Community Scholarship Service is now available for download
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